Southern Rubber Company, Inc. offers seals that are almost infinite in scope. Our offering of O-rings, seals, gaskets and other high performance sealing products will accommodate virtually every gasket and seal need.



A gasket is a seal between two surfaces that, while under pressure, is resistant to the flow of gas and liquids. Under sufficient pressure the gasket fills the imperfections of the mating surfaces to be sealed.

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O-Rings & Seals


O-rings and seals prevent the loss of gas and fluids from the item being sealed. In addition to 913 standard AS568 size O-rings, Southern Rubber provides hundreds of non-standard and metric size O-rings.

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Southern Rubber can provide material that meets commercial, military, U.L., FDA and NSF requirements. We are able to provide material in sheets, rolls, strips and die cut gaskets with and without pressure sensitive adhesives.

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Industrial Hoses & Tubing


Southern Rubber offers a complete line of hose fittings and couplings. We are authorized distributors for Dixon Valve & Coupling and Foster quick detachable couplers.

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Southern Rubber provides a variety of adhesives for industrial applications including laminating of rubber and sponge. Southern Rubber can also supply contact adhesive for most industrial applications.

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Extrusions Molded Rubber & Urethane


Southern Rubber Company is capable of providing custom molded parts. We can provide cost effective molded or extruded parts in a variety of elastomers and extrusions in custom shapes to meet your specific needs.

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